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Chemical Barrel&Paint Bucket Recycling Line

“Shampoo bottle, milk bottle, small hollow chemical barrel, paint bucket recycling” detailed introduction:
HDPE/PP milk bottle Shampoo Bottle broken, cleaned and recycled production line.

Product introduction: The chemical barrel&paint bucket recycling line mainly deals with the waste of everyday life in the cosmetics bottles, waste frames, plastic chairs, plastic barrels and other markets or factories out of waste HDPE bottles or pipes, abandoned HDPE milk bottles, HDPE shampoo bottles, daily life, HDPE pipes, HDPE gas pipes, PE water pipes, buried pipes, small pipes, small Hollow, HDPE blue bucket, chemical barrel, paint bucket, oil pot, HDPE medical waste bottle, drop bag, infusion bag, and other floating hard plastics can be recycled and cleaned, and then can be reused after granulation. From the aspects of energy saving and environmental protection, different program processes are adopted to suit the recycling different waste plastics, and provide a matching sorting conveyor belt, high speed friction machine, plastic surface adhesive label removal, metal separator, water circulation treatment system and so on.

Working principle: at first, classify and select, classify good HDPE bottles or pipe for special crusher, after crushing, after dewatering and removing dirt & removing sand, then cleaning them by friction, removing the surface dirts with adhesive paper or adding appropriate caustic soda water to remove oil pollution, and the material after washing is separated, HDPE For the floating water type plastic, it can be washed and separated many times according to the cleanliness of the material. After the rinse, the material after the rinse is dehydrated through the screw feeder. The HDPE can be used to cause the particles. It can be used for the recycling of various industries, such as injection molding, and the advanced ideas and technology at home and abroad are introduced and absorbed. Combined with the development needs of today and the recycling characteristics of waste plastics, it has been developed and developed. It can meet the environmental requirements of waste plastics recycling at home and abroad. Processing waste milk bottles, oil pots, blue barrels, chemical barrels, shampoo bottles, glue frames and other floating hard materials.

Product specification: the production line developed by our company can be assembled into various specifications according to customer needs. There are successful cases from 200KG/H-2000KG/H.

Efficient, water-saving equipment, the machine features: beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, high yield, practical and reliable. The new rinsing device can be washed with water circulation device, which greatly improves the production efficiency and cleanliness. Our company is engaged in waste plastics cleaning and recycling equipment for more than thirty years. According to your different requirements, we can design different cleaning programs, cleaning processes, recycling planning and site planning. The return on investment that our profession can bring you the greatest benefit.

Pre sales service: to provide you with project planning, process design, set up a set of suitable for your machine and equipment, according to your special needs, design and manufacture of products, and for your technical training;

Sale service: precision production equipment, and accompany customers to complete the acceptance of equipment, assist in drawing up the installation plan and detailed process;

After-sales service: the company sends technical personnel to the site to guide the installation of equipment, debugging equipment to normal production and operating personnel to use maintenance training; product quality: except for vulnerable parts, one year quality assurance, life-long maintenance.

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Chemical Barrel&Paint Bucket Recycling Line Drawing:


Chemical Barrel&Paint Bucket Recycling Line Main Technical Parameters:

equipment name
motor power(kw)
material thickness(mm)
water consumption(T)
steam consumption(L/min)
electric elements
total power consumption(kw)
required area(m2)
required workers(person)
belt conveyor
siemens,others are domestic famous brand
belt conveyor
floating tank
vertical friction washer
floating tank
vertical friction washer
dewatering machine
air blower
cyclone silo
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