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“CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition” Opens magnificently

“CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition” Opens magnificently
Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.
Jiangsu YZ Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yongzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. work together to create plastic recycling without water and realize another revolution in the field of recycling technology.


Plastics are indispensable in human life and the development of science and technology. However, for a long time, plastics are easily misunderstood and underestimated. With the upgrading of consumption and the acceleration of product iteration, the use of plastics is more extensive and advanced, creating an extraordinary imagination space.

Following the ban on the import of waste plastics from domestic sources at the end of 2017, China’s “ban on waste plastics” has been further upgraded, and the industrial waste plastics from industrial sources have been completely banned by the end of 2018. The problem of plastic pollution has become more urgent and serious. “The traditional’ raw material-production-consumption-use-discarding’model is being gradually abandoned, and the key link of recycling and regeneration is being added to reshape the industrial model by innovative technology. While solving the ‘trouble’ caused by plastic pollution, it can also tap the significant development opportunities and huge potential behind it.

The topic of recycling economy and plastic recycling is on the rise. It is an important mission to revitalize the life of plastic, which will not only stimulate economic growth and create new value, but also help protect our beautiful planet. With the upgrading of technology, plastics provide many green and environmental solutions. The waste film dry cleaning line developed by Jiangsu Yongzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. mainly aims at the recovery and dry cleaning of soft plastics such as plastic film, agricultural film, woven bags, snake skin bags, tons of bags, etc. Its impurities are mainly soil, sand, dust, stone, metal waste, glass. Through centrifugal separation technology, the impurities with small specific gravity and large specific gravity are separated from the recyclable plastic cyclones such as thin films. No waste water is produced, secondary pollution is greatly reduced, and water resources are saved at the same time. In the anhydrous cleaning technology, the process of cleaning and separating impurities can effectively remove the impurities in the film and improve the purity of the regenerated particles.

At present, the traditional cleaning technology of waste plastics is mostly used in plastic recycling industry. The cleaning medium is water or water and detergent. According to the variety of waste plastic film pollution, the specific cleaning methods are different. The cleaning of agricultural film and packaging materials includes removal of oil cleaning, high speed friction, cold washing, drying and other processes. The cleaning of containers for toxic drugs includes neutralization, disinfection, solution cleaning, high speed friction, cold washing, drying and so on.

Water cleaning technology is a more mature technology widely used in China at present. The purity of the recycled particles is high, which can be used as the raw material of high quality plastic products. But the high running cost caused by repeated crushing and cleaning is the main shortcoming of the technology. Moreover, the large amount of waste water produced during the cleaning process causes two pollution to the environment and the cost of subsequent treatment is also very high.

Film Dry Washing technology has become a research direction of waste plastics recycling industry. Film Dry Washing technology does not use water as a medium, generally use air as a cleaning medium, so no waste water is produced, two pollution is greatly reduced, and water resources are saved at the same time. In the Film Dry Washing technology, the impurities in waste films can be removed and the purity of the regenerated particles can be improved by combining the cleaning and separation of impurities.

Comparison between traditional washing machine and Film Dry Washing machine


Film dry washing line improves product quality and material output. The energy required for extrusion is reduced because the recycled material has dried up. The cost of anhydrous cleaning per ton is 30% lower than that of traditional cleaning.

Equipment maintenance also saves costs. Due to the cleaner separation of impurities, vulnerable parts such as screw, barrel and filter of subsequent granulator are effectively protected. No more bubbles are produced during the processing, and the replacement interval of the filter screen is obviously prolonged. For screw and barrel, their service life is also doubled.

Composition of dry cleaning line

Waste film dry washing line: including belt feeder, shredder or crusher, high speed friction washer(optional), mixing metering feeder, dry cleaner, gas-solid separation screen, dust removal system and conveying system. Mainly suitable for PE/PP waste film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, industrial waste film, woven bags, tons of bags and other renewable materials cleaning and recycling.

At present, the situation of environmental protection is grim. Many enterprises that rely on recycling of waste plastics (waste woven bags, waste film) are now facing difficulties. In the past ten years, these enterprises made contributions to the country, but also at the cost of sacrificing their own living environment, seriously affecting or even threatening people’s health. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and other issues are becoming increasingly prominent.

In the process of recycling waste woven bags and thin films, a series of technologies, such as friction cleaning, aerodynamic and specific gravity separation, are adopted. This kind of machinery and equipment no longer utilizes water resources, no industrial waste water is produced; dust is collected centrally through the pulse central precipitator, no dust spillover; noise of machinery and equipment is less than 50 decibels beyond 100 meters. It meets various requirements of environmental protection in China.


Shaping the future together, there are dreams to pursue!


Nine-storey terrace starts from base soil; a thousand-mile journey starts from foot. Under the background of active breakthrough, breakthrough and reconstruction, in order to build a better future, a group of people together, take the initiative to attack, meet challenges, have light to find, have dreams to pursue!

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