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dry washing system

Dry Washing System

Since 1950s, the emergence of mulch film has played a vital role in agricultural products and greatly increased the income of farmers. However, the residual pollution of mulch film caused difficulties in recycling.
Due to much dirt content (more than 70%), especially the mud in washing tank, the equipment is easily worn out, and the film is double L, which is easy to stick together.  we break the traditional recycling system and developed the static tearing technology (201320089021.6), the maximum capacity can reach more than 10 tons per hour, the size can reach 100-150mm,dry washing line avoid the mud problem caused by water contact, which greatly reduces the cost of recycling and the environmental impact of sewage, we directly deliver the dirt by cyclone absorption and stored.
We always adhere to the tenet “make waste profitable” and try our best to make limited resources recyclable infinitely.

No.NameTechnical parametersQty
1.Z type belt conveyor1, belt width: 1200mm

2, belt length: 7000mm

3, motor power: 3KW

4,belt material: rubber

main material: carbon steel

2.Film shearing and crushing machine1, 120 tons automatic shearing machine

2, slice is divided into 6 equal

3, motor power: 30KW

4, oil pump: 4525 V25A30

5, main cylinder: φ250*1900mm stroke

6, blade length: 914*25

7, blade length: 59.8270*25

3.L type belt conveyor1, belt width: 800mm

2, belt length: 6000mm

3, motor power: 1.5KW

4, belt material: rubber,

main material: carbon steel

4.Film dry washing machine1, size L5083.5 x W2120 * H2500

2, body diameter ¢1020 body length 4500

3, shaft diameter: 720, fan blade height: 115

4. Inlet 915 * 800;

5, fan rotary diameter 1150, fan blade 3pcs

6, with 4 checkpoints

7, with 2 screen mesh, screen hole is 65 * 65

8, drive motor: 55KW

9, spindle speed: 627 rpm

10,material: high-quality carbon steel

5.Parallel conveyor for waste material1, belt width: 800mm

2, belt length: 6000mm

3, motor power: 1.5KW

4, belt material: PVC; main material: carbon steel

6.Discharge box1,material: carbon steel1set
7.Sorting conveyor1, belt width: 1000mm

2, belt length: 5000mm

3, motor power: 1.5KW

4, conveyor height is adjustable

5, belt material: PVC

main material: carbon steel

8.Screening machine1, diameter: diameter 1000 mm

2, length: 3500 mm

3: material: carbon steel

4, motor power: 37KW

5, screen size: 100*150 mm

6, with mezzanine cover for dust prevention

7, with discharge device

8, diameter of bottom discharge spiral: 450 mm

9, screw motor power: 5.5kw

9.Screw feeder1, screw diameter: 380 mm

2, deceleration motor power: 4KW

3, contact material SS 304

4, screw length: 4000mm

10.Mixing barrel1, motor power: 1.5kw

2, mixing barrel diameter: 2150mm

3, mixing barrel height: 1860mm

4, outlet size: 535 * 535mm

5, with mixing blades

6, Size: 3100*2150*1860mm

11.Washing barrel1, motor power: 55kW

2, drive form: belt drive

3, the impeller diameter: 2100mm

4, impeller height: 625mm

5, with conical filter tank screen: ф685- ф 1610mm

6, outlet size: 267 * 247mm

7, barrel diameter: 2416mm

8, with air pump, inflatable pipe

9, with sewage box

10, Size: 4760*3200*3500mm

12.Storage silo1, cylinder diameter: 1060MM diameter

2, suction fan motor power: 7.5kw

3, the suction pipe diameter: diameter 250mm

4, storage silo total height: 6500mm

5, off fan: 1.5kw

6, Size: 2515 * 1200mm

13.Sewage silo1, cylinder diameter: 1320mm diameter

2, vacuum fan motor power: 11kw

3, dust pipe diameter: diameter 400mm

4, cyclone dust exhaust pipe diameter: 560mm

5, total height of sewage silo: 7467mm

6, off fan: 1.5kw

7, Size: 3438 * 1839mm

14.Control system1,we adopt domestic famous brand1set
15.Total price
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