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How to identify the good materials in recycled materials easily?

How to identify the good materials in the recycled waste plastics in daily life?

What kind of recycled plastics are good materials? What’s the difference between recycled plastics and new materials? First of all, from the aspect of appearance:

  1. The gloss of recycled plastics is poor, the surface of particles is dim, the size is uneven, there are impurities, generally with color or gray;
  2. The new material has good gloss, smooth particle surface, uniform size, no impurities, colorless or milky white; The color of the new material is bright, but the color of the old material is dim.

For plastic film, the plastic film to the sun to see whether there are stars, usually some are recycled, basically no new material( Because the color of recycled materials is different, the handle is different, and there are many impurities, the color is not good, and the natural color is less.)

Is it good to identify it? What kind of material is good? More detailed distinction can be made from the following seven aspects:

  1. Color: all the ones with penetration are better than those that are not transparent, no matter what color.
  2. Luster: the better the luster is better than the one without luster, which is the color of the material surface.

From the physical and mechanical properties, the recycled materials are made of waste products. After the wind and sun, the plastic surface has been aged and degraded, and then melted and plasticized after many high temperature processing. Under the action of light, oxygen and high temperature, some polymers are oxidized, and the macromolecule chain breaks down, which makes the physical and mechanical properties decrease, and the more times of regeneration, the worse the performance decreases.

  1. Wire drawing: (CaCO ₃ the wire drawing must not be good, and the reinforced wire can not be pulled out). After blowing out the fire, the molten body shall be contacted with iron objects quickly, and then it shall be pulled quickly to see if the forming of the wire is uniform, even is good material. After several times of pulling, the wire shall be overlapped and pulled again to see if it is elastic and can be pulled again and continuously, It is good material to break without breaking or after a distance.
  2. Ignition: (see if the flame color is smoke, whether it contains ignition away from fire or not at all);
  3. Smell: (all kinds of plastic taste are different, including flame retardant, etc.);
  4. If the above is not confirmed, please burn it again. It is not good material to smoke black smoke or melt quickly during the combustion process.
  5. Floating water: as long as there is a sink, it is bad. If the above is not sure or uncertain, then only do the test in the machine.
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