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Introduction of YONGZHI PE film washing line

PE film washing line is through the introduction, digestion and absorption of the international industry with the advanced concepts and technologies, combined with today’s development needs and the characteristics of secondary applications of waste plastics developed from.PE film washing line can meet the environmental requirements of waste plastics recycling at home and abroad.The main processing of the material for the PE plastic, PP plastic,PE plastic waste mixed with waste PP woven bags, plastic bags, waste plastic film.The whole washing line from the beginning to the finished product, can be very easy to clean waste plastic products.The design of the whole washing line is simple and effective.

PE film washing line

PE film washing line

YONGZHI PE film washing line by Belt conveyors、Crusher、Automatic nesting mechanism、Water spray friction machine、Rinse the pool1、Vertical friction machine、Rinse the pool 2、Screw feeder、Film extruder、Belt conveyor、Storage room、Control System、Wire and Cable、Bridge composition.

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