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Introduction of PE Film Wanshing Line

Waste film is a soft plastic wound material. Through the special waste film washing line broken cleaning recovery, to achieve crushing, cleaning, in addition to impurities, drying, bagging and so on the entire production line, high efficiency, fully automated production, environmental protection and energy conservation.

Equipment process

This set of equipment mainly by: conveyor belt, crusher, friction cleaning machine, sediment rinse tank, chain material digging machine, plastic drying dehydration machine, control cabinet and other components. (Sorting), broken (with water crushing), friction cleaning, rinsing, drying dehydration and other recycling granulation regeneration treatment, the entire production line from the beginning of the waste to the finished product, the operation is very efficient cleaning waste plastic products , Waste dirty agricultural film, waste packaging materials. Easy to operate, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving.


PE film washing line with efficient, water-saving, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, high yield, practical and reliable. Using a new rinse device equipment to improve the production efficiency, and cleanliness of pure meat.

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