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Maintenance method of PE film washing line/Film squeezer

PE film washing line/Film squeezer is used to dewater by forced extruding the films which is conveyed spirally from the wasing tank, by working together with the after-drier, they can dry the washed films to 5% humidity generally, which will be the best materials for granulating.So what is the method of maintaining the Film squeezer?
1、The plastic extruder should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the motor heat dissipates and prolongs its life. The machine should be well grounded.

PE film washing line

PE film washing line

⒉ Regularly check the tool screws, the new machine after 1 hour, with tools to fasten the knife, set the knife screw, to strengthen the blade and the knife between the fixed; should be regularly filling the bearing lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication between the bearings ; In order to ensure the sharpness of the cutting of the tool, should always check the tool to ensure its sharpness, reduce the blade blunt caused by other parts of the unnecessary damage; regularly check whether the belt relaxation, timely tightening.
⒊ Reboot – Before starting the second time, you should first clear the remaining pieces of the machine room to reduce the starting resistance should be regularly open the inertial cover and pulley cover, remove the flange below the gray mouth, because the crushing chamber discharge powder Into the shaft bearing.
⒋ Replacement parts – Replace the tool, the gap between the knife and the knife: 20HP Crusher 0.8MM better, 20HP below the crusher 0.5MM is better. Recycled material is thinner, the gap can be properly adjusted.

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