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  • waste recycling mainstream equipment: double shaft shredder

    With the development of society, more and more garbage is produced, resulting in environmental pollution and waste of resources.In order to better deal with the solid waste that can be recycled in the environment, the dual axis shredd……

  • Mechanical equipment series — the hero of turning “waste plastic” into “scrap”: shredder

    Mechanical equipment series -- the hero of turning "waste plastic" into "scrap": shredderWith the continuous development of China's machinery industry, shredder technology has been introduced into China for many years.Various shre……

  • Where does “waste plastic” come from? Where are you going?

    Where does "waste plastic" come from? Where are you going?Plastic waste will cause "white pollution" if it is discarded at will. There are environmental risks in non-standard treatment of plastic waste. So, how much do you know about ……

  • Analysis of plastics recovery and regeneration by life cycle assessment What is life cycle assessment?

    Analysis of plastics recovery and regeneration by life cycle assessmentWhat is life cycle assessment? LCALife cycle assessment (LCA) is a method tool, which is used to assess the environmental impact related to all st……

  • Plastic intelligent sorting technology breakthrough!

    Plastic intelligent sorting technology breakthrough!Although we have made some improvements in plastic recycling in recent years, plastic landfill is an increasingly serious problem. Soft plastics such as plastic wrap and plastic bags……

  • Plastic “blown film technology”, is so magical!

    Selection of polyethylene blown film materials The selected raw material should be blown polyethylene resin particles with appropriate amount of smoothing agent to ensure the opening of the film.If the melt index (MI) of the resin pa……

  • Separation technology of waste plastics

    Plastics have good chemical stability, electrical insulation, thermal insulation and mechanical properties, and low density, easy processing, so they are widely used in agriculture, machinery industry, construction, transportation, nation……

  • Environmental and economic value of waste plastics

    Environmental and economic value of waste plasticsThe environmental economic value of recycled plastics is far greater than that of the original plastics.In the field of renewable resources, there is a public announcement: Recycli……

  • Practice and Countermeasures of waste agricultural film recycling

    In recent years, with the popularization and application of agricultural plastic film mulching cultivation technology, relying on its unique advantages, it has become the fourth largest agricultural means after seeds, pesticides and chemi……

  • How to identify the good materials in recycled materials easily?

    How to identify the good materials in the recycled waste plastics in daily life?What kind of recycled plastics are good materials? What's the difference between recycled plastics and new materials? First of all, from the aspect of app……

  • Our Company Chinaplas Booth No.6F51

    Under the COVID-19, we are very grateful that CHINAPLAS together with 3,600+ exhibitors will be marching on a large scale of 350,000sqm of exhibition area, and it is the first of its kinds being held after pandemic, and the only internati……

  • Chinaplas 2021 is coming!

    Chinaplas 2021 is coming!Chinaplas is sponsored by elegant exhibition. With the growth of China's plastics and rubber industry for more than 30 years, Chinaplas has become the largest rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia and has pla……

  • CHINAPLAS 2019
    “CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition” Opens magnificently

    "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition" Opens magnificently Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Jiangsu YZ Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yongzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. w……

  • waste-pe-pp-recycling-line
    Waste PE PP Recycling Line Development

    With the development of social economy, the new market model has brought new challenges to more enterprises. In response to the problems of high labor costs, unstable manual operations, and difficult management, more and more companies ar……

  • pe-pp-film-and-bag-washing-line-simple-configuration
    Waste Plastic Recycling: Film Washing Recycling and Granulating Recycling

    Film is one of the main products in plastic products. It has a wide variety and short life. It is one of the main types of recycling. (1)Agricultural film and agricultural film mainly include plastic film and shed film. The main film is ……

  • Lianguan Recycling Machinery
    YONGZHI RECYCLING Company will Participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS

    YONGZHI RECYCLING Company will participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS at Shanghai national convention and exhibition center from April 24 to 27, 2018. At that time, we sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to negotiate busines……

  • Development Trend of Plastic Film Washing Line in China

    In recent years, Chinese plastics machinery industry has developed rapidly. The number of plastics machinery manufacturers in the country has grown to over 1,000, but there are about 400 companies with a certain size and strength. Plasti……

  • waste-plastic-washing-line
    Waste Plastic Washing Line Introduction

    Plastic washing is widely known as plastic washing line, also called waste plastic washing line equipment. It is mainly used to clean recycled plastic. Under material, plastic washing line is mainly divided into two categories, soft plast……

  • PE-film-washing-line
    The Effects of Plastic on the Environment

    Yongzhi Recycling Machinery is specialized in providing you with PE film washing line and have built the base for PE film crushing-washing-dewatering-drying equipments till now.90% of equipments are for export.Now we have already built lo……

  • PE-film-washing-line
    PP Woven Bag Cleaning Line Introduction

    Through the PP material itself and the structure of woven bags in-depth understanding, we have developed a set of high-performance, high-yield PP woven bags for cleaning and recycling production line. For the characteristics of PP woven b……