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PE Film Recycling Line Cleaning Process And Machinery And Equipment

Jiangsu Yongzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd specializing in the production of PE Film Recycling Line and PE Film Washing Line.These machines are mainly used for PE (LDPE / HDPE / LLDPE) film, plastic film, plastic film, greenhouse film, PP woven bags and PET plastic bottles, PET bottles, mineral water bottles, Coke bottles and other waste plastics recycling, cleaning, Regeneration granulation.The whole production line of high degree of automation, energy saving, production, long life According to the requirements of customers, from the collection of waste plastics, classification, broken, cleaning to the regeneration of granulation, the entire production line design and production.The PE Film Recycling Line in the production process without pollution, no noise, will not bring secondary pollution to the environment, in line with national energy conservation, environmental protection requirements, the production line mainly for high-end market. Recycled particles are even and the market price is high.
Waste film washing line and waste film recycling line equipment and processes:
Belt Feeder → Biaxial Shredder → Membrane Shredder → Low Speed ​​Friction Cleaning → Rinse Separator → Low Speed ​​Friction Cleaning → Drying → Drying Machine → Storage Grain Feeder → Belt Conveyor → Chamber of Secrets → SJ Single Screw extruder → network system → SJ single screw extruder → network system → sink → centrifugal dehydration machine → wind feeding silo.

pe film recycling line

pp film recycling line

Features Of PE Film Recycling Line:
1.The entire production line is used to crush, clean, dehydration, dry PP / PE film, PP woven bags.
2.With a simple structure, easy operation, capacity, low energy consumption, security, reliability, and so on.
3.The entire production line is fully automatic control, compact structure, high production efficiency, and beautiful cleaning.
4.The production line is specifically for the PE / PP film, PP woven bag broken, cleaning, drying production line, it can be easy to clean waste plastic woven bags, dirty agricultural film, waste packaging materials and hard plastic.
5.The production line for cleaning and recycling PE / PP film, PP woven bags. Coordination and follow-up work procedures (granulation system) production line, which will make waste and dirty PE / PP film, PP woven bag is PE / PP film, PP woven bag particle material for the production of new PE, PP film.

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