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PE Film Recycling Line for Plastic Bags

PE Film Recycling Line
Yongzhi Company provides best plastic recycling solutions, including sorting, shredding, crushing, washing, drying. The recycling machine is suitable for LDPE film, PP woven bag, PA fishing net…etc.

Plastic film is valuable secondary resources in recycling market, recycled film can be used for granulating, injection molding, extrusion, film blowing and to produce wide range of products.


The waste plastic film to be processed can be in different conditions in terms of humidity, contamination, form. The plastic film in recycling market are basically divided into the following families:

Agricultural film (including greenhouse, mulching,, tunnel and banana film)

Post-consumer film (including film from landfills and selective collections)

Post-commercial and post-industrial film (including material 100% stretch)


Main Features of PE Film Recycling Line:

1. The main material is PE agriculture film, PE bags, shopping bags, beverage bags, PP woven bags, and some other soft material etc…
2. The main process of the washing line is crushing, washing, drying parts.
3. The capacity of the washing line is from 200kg/h to 1000kg/h.
4. There crusher is to crush the film and woven bags to small pieces with size 70mm to 120mm.
5. Cold water sinking swimming tank can wash the common dirties, like the soil, sand, earth, stone, glass out.
6. High speed friction washer and hot sinking swimming tank can remove the strong dirties, like the grease, oil, glue.
7. With big capacity, double drying system can ensure the final products, PE PP flakes moisture lower than 5%.
8. With squeezing machine, the moisture level of PE PP flakes can be lower than 3%.
9. Final PP PE flakes can be taken directly to the granulating/pelletizing line to make granules/pellets.


Yongzhi is specialized in providing you with PE Film Recycling Line. Yongzhi is a high quality Chinese Manufacturer of PE Film Recycling Line.

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