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PE film recycling line

PE film recycling line mainly for a large number of recycled PP / PE film, plastic sheeting, plastic film, packaging film, and a large number of convenient bags, vest bags, handbags, shopping bags, as well as cement bags, woven bags, snakeskin bags, , Fertilizer bags, tons of bags, and other types of soft waste plastic broken and clean design. PE film recycling line with processing capacity, cleaning quality, high degree of automation, wide range of applications, saving labor, safety, environmental protection, energy saving outstanding advantages.
1,With a simple structure, easy operation, large capacity, low energy consumption, security, reliability, and other advantages;
2,PE film recycling line is fully automatic control, compact structure, high production efficiency
3,PE film recycling line is specifically for PE / PP film, PP woven bag broken, cleaning, drying production line, it can be easily cleaned waste plastic woven bags, waste packaging materials and hard plastic, etc.
4,PE film recycling line for cleaning and recycling PE / PP film, PP woven bags.

pe film washing line

pe film recycling line

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