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PE Film Washing Line for Garbage Bags

PE Film Washing Line is widely used to treat PP/PE plastic waste mixed material into clean film flakes, which include waste PP woven bags, PP non-woven bags, LDPE film, plastic garbage, waste plastic mulch film. After films cleaned, you can make them to be granules with next process which is called pelletizing line. This production line is high automatic operating and save labor cost and low after maintenance. With advanced international industry concepts and technologies to meet waste plastic recycling at home or abroad. This PE Film Washing Line could be displayed “L” or “U” shape according clients’ workshop.


Generally, for the complete PP/PE film washing machine, we have several types for your choosing. The capacity we can supply 300kg/h, 500kg/h and 1000kg/h, you can choose the suitable one what you real need.

Application of PE Film Washing Line:
1. LDPE waste film recycling and washing line
2. PE agriculture using films crushing and washing line
3. Waste PE film recycling line
4. Ethylene ground film washing, drying and regranulating line
5. Waste film recycling and washing line

Yongzhi is a PE PP washing line machine Manufacturer and Supplier in China which can provide you with high quality of PE Film Washing Line.


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