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PE Film Washing Line Helps Environment

In our daily life, plastic garbage is everywhere and they are very hard to degrade which caused White Pollution and environment problem. PE film is the main factor to the White Pollution,so it is very important to recycle the pe film. Yongzhi PE Film Washing Line can help us solove the White Pollution.

Our company tenet:try our best to improve humanbeing’s living environment by our 52 years of experience.Our company develop a whole system of plastic washing-pelletizing-profile project. which brings well economic benefit.We have built the base for PE film crushing-washing-dewatering-drying equipments till now.90% of equipments are for export.Now we have already built long-term cooperative relationship with customers from dozens of countries.

Our company has developed one special PE Film Washing Line according to that characteristics of the films for satisfying the needs of different users and for the preparation of next cleaning process.

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