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PE PP washing line F&Q
  • Waste Film Recycling Line Makes Interests

    Yongzhi company tenet:try our best to improve humanbeing’s living environment by our 52 years of experience.Our company develop a whole system of plastic washing-pelletizing-profile project which brings well economic benefit.We have built……

  • Recycling Equipment to Help Chinese Environmental Protection Industry Development

    Ministry of Environmental Protection will soon introduce the thirteen five voluntary organic pollutants prevention and treatment program for the draft, will be proposed during the thirteen five VOCs (volatile organic matter) pollution pre……

  • pe pp washing line
    Washing line operating procedures

    1. Check the electrical, water pump, water, fan, air pressure and PE film washing line operation system before starting often. If there is a problem, should be excluded before heating to heat up. 2. Heating up to 300 ℃ start fan, pump, r……