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Recycled material recycling process

Recycling of PVC film extrusion regeneration hose production process

PVC recycling film → pretreatment → chopping → ingredients → kneading → extrusion granulation → extrusion hose → cooling molding → coiling

Recycling of PP material production of recycled wire drawing and spinning process

Drawing and spinning Extruder Extrusion plasticizing → Drawing head → Water cooling → First draft roll → Heat treatment → Second draft roll → Heat treatment again → Heat treatment Drafting roll → Coiling

pe film recycling line

Recycling PVC bottle recycling system

PVC waste bottle → smashing → screening → washing → flotation or hydrocyclone separation → melt filtration → cooling → add new materials and other additives → mixed granulation → extrusion blow molding → recycled bottle

The process of recovering PE basin by molding PE film recycling line

Recycling PE film (cleaning, drying) → with → start → mold → with pressure cooling stereotypes → repair

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