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Recycling Equipment to Help Chinese Environmental Protection Industry Development

Ministry of Environmental Protection will soon introduce the thirteen five voluntary organic pollutants prevention and treatment program for the draft, will be proposed during the thirteen five VOCs (volatile organic matter) pollution prevention and control of the overall requirements, the main tasks and safeguards to strengthen the focus areas of emissions The At the recently held 2017 Environmental Protection Industry Innovation and Development Conference, the Environmental Protection Department of the Department of Atmospheric Environmental Management Liu Bingjiang said that the prevention and control of air pollution can not be separated from environmental protection technology innovation and environmental protection industry development, the air pollution control requirements effectively into environmental protection industry Development of the market demand, effectively promote the major environmental protection technology and equipment products, innovative development and industrial applications, so as to promote the development of environmental protection industry. Many domestic enterprises have mature environmental protection equipment, such as production technology, such as waste film recycling machine, waste film washing equipment, a wide range.

Environmental protection industry not only includes the field of air pollution prevention and control of air pollution, but also involves soil and groundwater restoration, ecological restoration and ecological protection, environmental monitoring, indoor air purification, solid waste treatment and other fields. With China’s efforts to strengthen the ecological environment, China’s environmental protection industry development ushered in a huge space for development. However, the environmental protection industry, the lack of original innovation capacity, frequent vicious competition, the market is not standardized and other issues can not be ignored.
Strong momentum of development
In recent years, China will raise the development of environmental protection industry to a new strategic level, whether it is from the new environmental law, water ten, gas ten, soil ten in-depth advance, or from the environmental thirteen five planning, social capital cooperation (PPP) Environmental remediation and other policies have been introduced, are environmentally friendly market into a huge driving force, environmental protection industry usher in a great opportunity for development. Environmental Protection Department of Science and Technology Standards Division Director Zou Shoumin said that thirteen five environmental protection industry started well, 2016 national environmental protection industry to achieve sales of about 115 billion yuan.
Environmental protection industry can achieve great development can not be separated from the policy support. Ling Jinming, executive chairman of Beijing High Energy Times Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., said that with the introduction of water ten, ten cities and ten cities, the standard is more refined and clear, and the investment in environmental protection is bound to increase. At the same time, will also be eliminated part of the competitiveness of the environmental protection enterprises to accelerate the pace of integration of environmental protection industry for the development of the entire industry to bring new space.
At the same time, the state also continues to increase support for environmental science and technology research and development, through the water special, special equipment, as well as other national key research and development programs, in the atmosphere, water, soil, ecological protection, environmental monitoring and other key areas formed a number of innovation Results.

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