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The composition of PE film washing line/Film squeezer

The mainframe of PE film washing line/Film squeezer is the squeezer, which consists of a squeezer system, a drive system and a heating and cooling system.
Squeezer system: The squeezer system consists of screws, barrels, hoppers, heads, and molds. The film is plasticized into a uniform melt through the squeezer system and is continuously squeezed by the screw under the pressure established in this process Out of the head.

PE film washing line

PE film washing line

Drive system: The role of the drive system is to drive the screw, the screw in the extrusion process required torque and speed, usually by the motor, reducer and bearings and other components.
Heating and cooling device: Heating and cooling is a necessary condition for the film squeezer process to be carried out.
The machine is used to dewater by forced extruding the films which is conveyed spirally from the wasing tank, by working together with the after-drier, they can dry the washed films to 5% humidity generally, which will be the best materials for granulating. Meanwhile, it can save the more energy consumption compared to the traditional film dewatering machine. The whole process are controlled by PLC system. At present, we have the machinical model and hydraulic model for your choice.

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