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The composition of PE film washing line

PE film washing line to the recovery of thin films containing a lot of sediment and dirt film design. PE film washing line with high crushing efficiency, washing and drying ability.
PE film washing line by Belt conveyors、Crusher、Automatic nesting mechanism、Water spray friction machine、Rinse the pool1、Vertical friction machine、Rinse the pool 2、Screw feeder、Film extruder、Belt conveyor、Storage room、Control System、Wire and Cable、Bridge composition.
The technical parameters of Belt conveyors:
1、Belt width:800mm
2、Belt length:5000mm
3、Motor Power:1.5KW,Manual speed control
4、The conveying height can be adjusted
5、Belt material PVC;Carbon steel
The technical parameters of Crusher:
1、Motor Power:75KW
2、Screen diameter:100*150mm
3、The number of moved knives:10
4、The number of fixed knives:8
5、Turn diameter:Φ609mm
6、Screen replacement motor:0.75kw
7、Open the cover motor:0.75kw
8、Cutter width:1200mm
9、Screen with special steel processing
The technical parameters of Automatic nesting mechanism:
1、Screw diameter:φ250㎜
2、Motor Power:1.5KW
3、Contact with stainless steel material
4、For the following discharge under the crusher, from the side of the side of the material.
The technical parameters of Water spray friction machine:
1、Screw diameter:φ420㎜
2、Motor Power:22KW
3、Double layer, can be drained
The technical parameters of Rinse the pool1:
1、Sink width:1800mm
2、Effective length:5000mm
3、With a recirculation mechanism
4、Made of stainless steel
5、Rinse roll:1 root
6、Drum washing machine:1.5kwfrequency conversion

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