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The Effects of Plastic on the Environment

Yongzhi Recycling Machinery is specialized in providing you with PE film washing line and have built the base for PE film crushing-washing-dewatering-drying equipments till now.90% of equipments are for export.Now we have already built long-term cooperative relationship with customers from dozens of countries.Film washing equipment capability is from 200kg/h to 2000kg/h and specification can be made according to customer’s requirements.
Plastic film mulching technology has been prompted widely since 1990 s. because its technology with water keep moisture, improve the ground temperature, extend the crop growing period, promote crop growth, yield production and reduce the other natural disasters like hail, drought, sandstorm and temperature difference. The adverse effects of disaster bring huge economic benefits to agricultural production, which promotes the sustainable development of rural economy. According to the survey, the plowland with mulch has plastic sheeting residues per acre more than 2 kg after 18 consecutive years. The membrane residues, are extremely difficult to degrade naturally, which can exist in soil from 200 to 400 years.


They will damage physical and chemical structure of soil, restraining the growth of the soil microorganisms. And they will also reduce soil permeability, water permeability and undermine the cultivated land quality. Eventually this leads to crop germination emergence, hinder the crop root growth, reduce soil moisture absorption of nutrients by crops, cause crop failures and affect the production and quality of agricultural products. Furthermore, it brings a great impact to the farmers’ income. At present, the technology of the plastic film mulching cultivation has developed from cotton to vegetable crops, melons and characteristics. Now mulch with seeds, fertilizers and pesticides becomes indispensable agricultural materials. The net area is increasing year by year. The overuse of membrane leads to a lot of waste plastic not recycled in time, a large amount of farmland residual remains in plastic film, forming a barrier layer yearly, which affects on crop root system to absorb water. This will lead to reduce yield and soil pollution. Even if it has been cleared after using agricultural films, there is no better treatment or stack along both sides of the river and fields. The air pollution results from unregulated condition; or the waste plastic with the rains washes into the river and waters, polluting the environment; or burning them outdoors can also cause serious secondary pollution to the environment. Moreover, mixed with plastic living garbage shall not be applied to the compost. If “white revolution”, bring China’s agricultural production of the Gospel, lacks an effective treatment, it will turn into “white pollution”. More importantly, waste plastic has come to the point where it is urgent to be recycled.
Due to the different recycling waste, the materials with a larger share are various kinds of plastic films with different quality, Yongzhi Recycling company has developed one special PE film washing production line according to that characteristics of the films for satisfying the needs of different users and for the preparation of next cleaning process.

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