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Washing line operating procedures

1. Check the electrical, water pump, water, fan, air pressure and PE film washing line operation system before starting often. If there is a problem, should be excluded before heating to heat up.
2. Heating up to 300 ℃ start fan, pump, running belt, open the pressure valve, start feeding.
3. The material (gear) will be flat in the network belt not allowed to overlap, not allowed to turn the whole (gear) on the Internet, not allowed to throw the gear on the net, to gently, to protect the gear, love equipment.
4. Furnace dissolution of more than the provisions should be promptly repaired. It is forbidden to melt in a deep crucible,
5. When feeding, should check whether the charge of incandescent and other items mixed into, if it should be promptly removed. It is strictly forbidden to cool and warm the material directly into the molten iron. When the molten liquid is filled to the upper part of the crucible, it is strictly forbidden to add a large piece of material to prevent the capping, and the operator’s face should avoid the mouth.
6. The site and the furnace before the pit should be no obstacles, no water, to prevent iron ore floor explosion.

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7. Tilt the furnace will be injected into the hanging iron when the fan should stop the power supply, and then slow down the manipulation of the machine, hanging to be preheated, baking dry.
8. hanging ladle should not be too fast, hot metal should not be installed too full, pouring process, should be hanging mouth.And the injection port has a certain distance, hanging bags, pouring, walking should be with each other do not hurry emergency stop.Such as molten iron spilled to be safe to put down not allowed to throw the package.
9. Mixing furnace and ramming crucible is strictly prohibited iron oxide mixed iron, pound crucible must be dense.
10. IF room should be kept clean, prohibited flammable and explosive materials into the room, no smoking.
11. After the opening of the furnace should be cleaned, to keep the furnace clean, before work should be left to the successor, IF sensor and furnace cooling in the shutdown four hours before the water can be cooled.