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Wast Film Washing Line Selection Guide

Thin wast film washing line mainly deal with agricultural waste film (plastic film, greenhouse film, tobacco film, garbage bags, etc.), the current industry to deal with film crushing and washing to focus on centralized processing and recovery of the equipment to improve the degree of automation requirements. Heavy machinery by virtue of years of experience in the wast film washing processing, equipment constantly updated to upgrade, broken capacity and cleaning effect in the industry at the leading level;
The main process of the film washing line is divided into: pretreatment link — broken or shredded links — cleaning links — squeeze the water link; pretreatment is mainly dealing with the film surface of the sediment and other impurities, The general choice of treatment effect is more obvious is the sand machine;

Wast film washing line in the purchase should pay attention to what?
First of all, to choose the relevant experience of the manufacturer, the need to process the material to tell manufacturers: is the plastic film or garbage bags, is the bundle or scattered, tell the manufacturers more detailed the better, then there is the need for their own. Requirements also told manufacturers, such as: capacity requirements, sewage discharge requirements, water requirements, etc., if the factory can provide on-site production of the factory to visit, even more intuitive.

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