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Waste Plastic Recycling: Film Washing Recycling and Granulating Recycling

Film is one of the main products in plastic products. It has a wide variety and short life. It is one of the main types of recycling.
(1)Agricultural film and agricultural film mainly include plastic film and shed film. The main film is PE film. Shed film is PE, PE/EVA, PVC film. When we do recycling, PE and PVC film should be separated. Agricultural film is generally Dirty, and often with dirt, sand, grass roots, nails, iron wire, etc., to remove iron impurities and cleaning, recycling method is mainly granulation, after cleaning, the dried film can be directly used hot extrusion Pressure methods produce plastic products such as pots, buckets, plastic flanges, etc.


The purpose of waste film recycling granules is as follows.
1.PE recycling pellets can be used to produce agricultural film, and can also be used to manufacture chemical fertilizer packaging bags, garbage bags, agricultural recycled pipes, fences, tree supports, pots, buckets, garbage bins, etc.
2. The methods of recycling PP waste plastics.
(PP) changes in the molecular structure after processing. Change the properties of PP itself. The waste PP is not useless, as long as the modified performance is used for physical processing, the waste PP can be recycled, Including chemical recycling, modification, direct utilization, etc.
3. PVC recycling pellets can be used to produce heavy packaging bags, agricultural water pipes, soles, and other packaging films. The packaging film materials include cellophane. A single layer of a material packaging film, after sorting and washing, can be made into plastic products or granules, like agricultural film, into various products. Composite films include composite films of different plastics and plastic and paper, aluminum foil, and other materials made of thin films.

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