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Waste Plastic Washing Line Introduction

Plastic washing is widely known as plastic washing line, also called waste plastic washing line equipment. It is mainly used to clean recycled plastic. Under material, plastic washing line is mainly divided into two categories, soft plastic washing line equipment and hard plastic washing line equipment.
Soft material includes farm films, films, shade nets, fishing nets, plastic bags, PP woven bag, cement bag and so on. Hard material is usually like plastic shell appliance,plastic bottles, plastic buckets, plastic safety helmet, computer shell, TV plastic shell, plastic table and stool, plastic pipe and so on. These soft and hard plastic wastes can be recycled, which not only saves resources , but protects the environment in company of the increasing economic value. Therefore, it is significant.


Waste plastic washing line equipment crushes and washes both soft and hard waste plastic effectively for the purpose of recycling and using.
This set of equipment runs with automatic control, as result of saving labor costs. So only one or two people can complete the operation. Capacity is about 300-2000 kg/h, and waste plastic washing line is full-open device, so that customers can choose an appropriate set of equipment under materials. What shows the multifunctional use of plastic washing line is that this line has greatly adaptive capacity.
There are some common alias of waste plastic washing line : plastic washing line, waste plastic film washing line, waste PET bottle washing line, PP woven bag recycling cleaning line, plastic washing equipment, membrane cleaning line and so on.

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