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waste recycling mainstream equipment: double shaft shredder

With the development of society, more and more garbage is produced, resulting in environmental pollution and waste of resources.

In order to better deal with the solid waste that can be recycled in the environment, the dual axis shredder came into being. This dual axis shredder model is an environmental friendly waste recycling and shredding equipment. It has the advantages of uniform discharge, high shredding rate and large output. It is widely used in the waste recycling industry.

Application scope of biaxial shredder: mainly shredding plastic packaging barrels, rubber tires, baskets, large rolls of film, large bundles of agricultural film mulch film, greenhouse film, large bundles of packaging plastic film, large bundles of packaging ton bags, woven bags, roll film, paper, fiber, wood, etc.

Applicable materials of double shaft shredder: this model has the characteristics of large output, low energy consumption, low noise and low dust. Therefore, it is applied to coarse and medium crushing operations such as various solid wastes, plastics, waste household appliances, paper, leather, wood and rubber.

Performance characteristics of double shaft shredder: shredder is a machine used for shredding. It is generally used to deal with unprocessed raw materials or leftover materials to make their size smaller.

A representative example is to tear up the leftover materials of plastic or rubber and melt them as raw materials for granulation, which can be used to make plastic bottles, tires or garbage cans again.

The application of double shaft shredder generally includes:

  1. Tear the unqualified products into small pieces for recycling.
  2. Reduce the volume of unprocessed raw materials for mixing with other materials.
  3. Tear up organic matter to make biofuels.
  4. Tear up some textile materials to facilitate the reuse of fibers, such as the crushing of carpets.

In fact, the shredder is used to tear all kinds of solid or hollow materials such as plastic, rubber, tire, fiber, paper, wood, iron bucket, waste electrical appliances, waste cables, industrial waste, domestic waste and so on.

Working mode of double shaft shredder

In the waste recycling industry, the double shaft shredder can meet various waste recycling requirements and is suitable for tearing thick and non fragile materials such as electronic waste, plastics, metals, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels and pallets.

There are many kinds of recyclable materials. Torn materials can be recycled directly or treated more carefully according to needs.

It is also applicable to the recycling of industrial waste, medical treatment, electronics, pallet wood processing, household waste, plastics, tires, papermaking and other industries.

The double shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed, high torque and low noise. It adopts PLC electrical control system to provide start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

Working mode of double shaft shredder:

The double shaft independent drive is used to properly extrude materials during production, providing automatic feeding function, unique cutter shaft structure and right angle rotating cutter. In the process of producing low speed torque, there is no winding cutter shaft and stopping equipment, which improves the production efficiency. The device is suitable for crushing a variety of materials with high toughness and viscosity.

Cutter: the cutter of the double axis shredder is made of alloy tool steel, with long service life and high tear rate. The thickness of the cutter and the number of claws can be changed according to different material requirements of customers.

Bearing cutter shaft: it can be quickly disassembled and fixed by merging and disassembly, making the tools easy to maintain and replace. The unique sealing structure prevents the contact between debris and grease.

Moving and fixed tool: alloy tool, steel forging blank, processing, various heat treatment and low-temperature freezing and heat treatment technologies are used, and hook installation is adopted to optimize the tool replacement function, so as to make the maintenance more effective.

What are the preparations before starting the double shaft shredder

The shredder has a wide range of uses, and the application scope of different types is different. Some are for metal reinforcement, and some are for garbage, tires and other wastes. However, even if the types are different, the internal structure and composition principle are similar.

For the double shaft shredder equipment, there are two main accessories, one is the bearing and the other is the cutting tool. It can be said that the quality of these two parts is more important to the productivity of the equipment.

Idling preheating before startup can make the motor enter the working state stably, so as to ensure the normal tearing.

At this time, the feeding production will be carried out, the working efficiency and output of the shredder will be relatively stable, and the output and quality will be guaranteed.

Add lubricating oil regularly. As a mechanical equipment, the basic maintenance measure is to add lubricating oil. If you add lubricating oil to the bearing irregularly, it will easily lead to friction and damage of the plastic shredder for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to the addition of lubricating oil to ensure the smooth operation of the shredder.

Precautions for replacing the blade of double shaft shredder:

  1. Disassembly

Attention should be paid to protect the alloy head during disassembly and replacement. Damage to the alloy head will cause serious impact and unnecessary expenses. During disassembly and assembly, attention shall be paid to avoid injury caused by sharp edges to ensure safe disassembly and assembly.

  1. Check

The first thing to do to maintain the shredder blade is to check it regularly. Regular inspection is mainly to check the bite degree of the blade. If the bite does not match, it must be adjusted to avoid damage to the blade. At the same time, pay attention to keep the places around the blade clean before installation to avoid any sundries.

  1. Idling

For blade inspection, it must be noted that it must idle for 30 seconds after installation and inspection. Idle for 30 seconds. If there is no abnormal condition, it can be started normally for cutting. If there is abnormal noise during idling, it must be stopped for inspection.

Users need to regularly check the wear of vulnerable parts of the double shaft shredder. If the blade of the shredder is seriously worn, there will be problems such as poor crushing, low discharge rate, and uneven discharge particle size.

Adjust the size of the screen hole of the shredder to control the particle size of the discharge. Regularly clean the accumulated materials in the crushing chamber of the shredder to make the materials flow out.

Large double shaft shredder for processing waste household appliances

Common waste household appliances include refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, electric fans, air heaters, etc. in this era of alternation between the old and the new, waste utilization has become a difficult problem encountered in the development of recycling enterprises. How to solve the waste household appliances has become the focus of attention.

Household appliance recycling sources said that waste household appliances and e-waste are rich in rare and precious metals such as lithium, titanium, gold, indium, silver, antimony, cobalt and palladium. For example, one ton of waste circuit board can extract 400 grams of gold, which is a rich “gold mine”. In addition, it can also extract 500 grams of other precious metals, 200 kg of copper and 700 kg of polyester, with a reuse rate of 99%.

The real value of waste electronic products is still worthy of people’s attention. For this increasingly large market of waste household appliances, mechanical equipment is needed for efficient treatment, and it occupies the mainstream shredder type in the market. In the field of waste household appliances, it is suitable to use large-scale double shaft shredder for crushing treatment.

The waste household appliance shredder is composed of shredding blade group, bearing box, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. The principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters is used to break the material.

It adopts “double motor + double reducer”, with strong power and high operation stability. It is often used in environmental protection fields such as domestic waste disposal, resource regeneration and solid waste pretreatment.

To understand the effect of the shredder, it is necessary to clarify the processing materials, production capacity, power resources, site and other issues. After clarifying the above issues, the manufacturer can be asked to give a reasonable configuration scheme, and the machine selection can be started after investigation.

Special attention should be paid here. Only when you test the machine with materials and personally verify the crushing effect can you confirm whether the equipment meets your own needs.

What factors determine the price of double shaft shredder? How to choose?

There are many factors that determine the price of the double shaft shredder, including the material, blade, bearing, motor, process, function, specification and output of the shredder. Therefore, the price span ranges from tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands. When selecting, we should buy products suitable for ourselves in combination with the actual situation of our own production.

  1. The type determines the price of shredder

The prices of different types of shredders are different. The shredding materials can be divided into soft materials, hard materials and metals, and the bearings can be divided into single shaft, double shaft, four shaft, etc. Generally speaking, for the same specification, the higher the strength requirement of the shredder itself, the more expensive the price is.

  1. Working principle

The price of shredders that do not work is also different. For example, double shaft shredders can be divided into opposite roller type and shear type. Relatively speaking, the working principle is more complex and cumbersome. If there are many materials, it is generally more difficult to make and the sales price will be higher.

  1. Specification determines price

For the same type of shredder, its specifications and models are also divided into many kinds, mainly according to the user’s output. If the output demand is large, the price will be relatively high, otherwise the price will be low. When choosing, you should choose the appropriate specifications and models according to your actual output.

  1. Shredder performance determines price

The performance of shredder is mainly reflected in stability, shredding efficiency and service life, as well as other factors, such as energy consumption, automatic intelligence and so on. The shredder with good performance has good effect of producing finished products, high efficiency, great cost savings, and relatively high equipment price.

  1. Brand influence

The brand factor also accounts for a large proportion. The production process level, accessories and materials of large brand shredders are more exquisite, especially the cutting tools. In fact, the service life and stability are unmatched by ordinary small factories. Therefore, it is suggested to choose a brand with high popularity, and the natural price of high-profile shredder manufacturers will be relatively high.

Fixed knife of double axis shredder: the manufacturing error of fixed knife linear cutting of shredder shall not exceed 5 wires, so that the moving knife and fixed knife on the main shaft of the equipment can be adjusted at least 0.5mm. Generally, imported materials may be required to ensure the purity and reliability of materials.

Function of coupling of double shaft shredder: connecting main shaft and gearbox

Features of double shaft shredder:

(1) No force loss, ensuring stable output of tearing power.

(2) Better protect the torn spindle and gearbox from damage.

(3) Special customization is convenient for maintenance and inspection.

  1. Effect of materials used for shredder accessories on price and performance:

Steel: the material and thickness of steel plates used by different manufacturers to manufacture shredders vary greatly. For professional shredding equipment manufacturers, the thickness of plates needs to be recalculated according to the different shredding materials, which determines the cost and affects the final price;

Motor: the motor must be the qualified product produced by the manufacturer, and the refurbished motor or defective motor must not be used for recharging, because if the copper wire of these motors does not meet the requirements for rated current, the motor is easy to burn out or the driving force is insufficient, which will affect the rotating speed of the shredder equipment and the overall shredding effect;

Bearing: the quality of bearing directly affects the production effect and tearing effect of shredder equipment. Bearings must be produced by large manufacturers, and bearings produced by small manufacturers should not be used, but counterfeit products should also be paid attention to;

Blade: the blade of the shredder has a great impact on the price. Due to different materials, the price of this part often varies by 2-4 times.

Therefore, in the process of purchasing shredder, the above four aspects of equipment need to be considered to ensure that the purchased shredder is of high quality and low price;

The price span of shredder is very large. Even for shredders of the same specification, the prices of different manufacturers vary greatly. In addition to the differences in materials, there are also differences in manufacturing technology. It is also very important to select a reasonable working condition matching coefficient according to different types of equipment to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.

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