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Wasted Film Bags Recycle Machine

Features of Wasted Film Bags Recycle Machine:

1) This PP PE Film Washing Line is used to crush, wash, dewater and dry PP, PE Film.
2) It takes the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high capacity, low energy consumption, safety, reliability, etc.
3) This whole production line is with automatic controlling, compact structure arrangement, high production efficiency, nice cleanness, etc.
4) After drying the water content can reach 3% (according to the thickness of film).
5) Production capacity: 300-1000kg/h.
6) The Crusher and the whold Drying system are the most important parts in this line.


Function of Wasted Film Bags Recycle Machine:

1.Belt conveyor:conveying or transporting dirty plastic films into crusher.If too much scrap iron,metal detector may be needed.

2.Plastic crusher:cutting or shearing type:cutting jumbo film or bag into small pieces

3.Screw feeder:feeding film pieces into the next step

4.High speed friction washer:clean the dirty on the surface of film scraps

5.Floating washer:clean the rest dirty on the surface of film scraps

6.Dewatering machine:dewater for film scraps to get final good quality film scraps

7.Hot air drying system and air blower:use hot air to remove the moisture from PP/PE scraps.

8.Storage hopper:store the PP/PE scraps for next step packing.

9.Control cabinet:elements:Schneider,ABB,Siemens,Danfoss,RKC, etc


Yongzhi film Recycling machinery main equipment has PE PP washing line.We can provide you with high quality of Wasted Film Bags Recycle Machine.

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