pe pp recycling line

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Zhangjiagang Yongzhi waste PE film washing line

Zhangjiagang Yongzhi waste PE film washing line is mainly used for the recovery, cleaning, crushing, regeneration granulation of PE plastic film, plastic film, PP plastic bag and PET plastic bottle, mineral water bottle and so on. High degree of energy, production, long life and other characteristics.According to the requirements of customers, from the collection of waste plastics, classification, broken, cleaning, granulation, the entire line of production and design.PE film washing line in the production of pollution-free, no noise, will not bring secondary pollution to the environment, in line with national energy conservation, environmental protection requirements, the production line mainly for the mid-range, high-end markethigh-end market.

pe pp recycling line

pe film washing line

The production line crushing efficiency, cleaning and drying ability. High product finish and high yield. PE film washing line is through the introduction, digestion and absorption of the international industry with the advanced concepts and technologies, combined with the needs of today’s development and the characteristics of secondary applications of waste plastics developed from.The entire production line from the beginning to the finished product, can easily clean waste plastic products. The main processing of the material for the PE / PP plastic, PE / PP plastic waste mixed with waste PP woven bags, plastic bags, household waste plastic, waste plastic film mulching.

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